Savannah River Mortgage

Required Document List

Required Documents for Your Planning Session


Deciding on the right mortgage for your personal financial situation requires your help.


 Use this form as a checklist and bring the documents listed below to your planning session with Chriss Allen or Scott Morgan:


  • Consecutive paycheck stubs covering the last 30 days (five if paid weekly, three if paid every two weeks, two if paid twice a month, one if paid monthly).
  • W2 forms and complete copies of 1040 personal Federal Income Tax Returns with all schedules for the last two years.
  • If you own a business: Copies of corporate, partnership or S-Corporation Federal Income Tax Returns with all schedules and K-1s for the last two years.
  • Complete bank statements (all pages) for the last two months for all checking, savings, CD, money market, stocks, bonds, IRAs, 401Ks or other bank and investment accounts.
  • Sales contract and/or listing MLS data sheet on house you are purchasing.
  • If applicable: Names, addresses and telephone numbers of your landlords for each residence you rented over the last two years.
  • If applicable: Complete copies of divorce decrees and associated amendments to support alimony and child support payments.
  • If applicable: Complete bankruptcy papers, including filings, discharge papers and list of creditors.
  • For recent graduates (in last two years): Copies of transcripts or diploma showing the date of graduation.
  • VA buyers: DD-214 and Certificate of Eligibility
  • Driver’s License


If you own a home(s) currently, also include:


  • Most recent mortgage statement for all current, open mortgages.
  • Mortgage & Note from closing for all current, open mortgages.
  • Current homeowner’s insurance declarations page, including insurance agent’s name and phone number.
  • Most recent real estate tax bill.